Axiis Liion

The Axiis Liion is the result of several months of work. When we founded Axiis, we did it with the goal of building a trusted brand in the motorcycle world that could later allow us to fulfill our biggest dream: build and commercialize a supermoto. 

The Axiis Liion is the result of all our efforts and daily hustle.

 Axiis Liion Axiis Liion
Axiis Liion Axiis Liion

These are the current specifications for the Axiis Liion:


  • 100 kW Peak Power
  • 55kW Continuous Power
  • 240 Nm Peak Torque
  • 5200 RPM
  • 200 km/h Limited Top Speed

Battery Pack

  • 11.7 kWh Nominal Capacity
  • 78 kW Maximum Discharge
  • 198 Wh/kg
  • Water Cooled


  • Aluminum Bilateral Beam Frame
  • Aluminum Single-Sided Swingarm


  • 134.1 kg (ready to race)


  • 1429 mm Wheelbase
  • 25.9 Rake Angle
  • 209 mm Front Wheel Travel
  • 190 mm Rear Wheel Travel