Handguards TS2 (Pre-Order)

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TS2 are the new version of our handguards with Turning Signals(TS1), after the sucess of TS1, we've made some improvements to this new product.

- A whole new design and construction, minimalist and lighter body without compromising the structure.
- A "rectangle" profile also acting as a rail that allows our new features to be anchored.
- The LED is now curved and 2 times longer (100mm), offering better visibility and safety.
- The wiring is hidden inside the body, having a way out on the interior edge, making it easier to install and it won't be noticed.
- At the top face of the bar there's now a small gap that let's you know when the turn-signal is flashing while riding the motorcycle.

Simultaneously we released the two first acessories to the TS2.

1- TS2 Bush Guard - gives an extra protection to your hands when driving offroad.

2- TS2 Universal Anchor - this anchor will allow you to stick anything to your TS2, such as a side mirror, an action camera or even an auxiliary light.

All components are made from 7075 T651 aluminum alloy CNC machined inside our own doors.
Fasteners are made from steel.
Windows/screens are laser cut from clear acrylic.

The product includes all the components and hardware required for a Plug&Play installation. We also include T-Splice connectors to guarantee that you don't need to do modifications to your motorcycle or any extra hardware.

Included in the box:
1x Pair of Handguards TS2
2x Handlebar anchors 11mm
2x Handlebar anchors 14mm
4x T-Splice connectors